Saturday, 20 June 2015

Masala Bread Toast | Kukskitchen

Masala Bread Toast | Kukskitchen

A quick breakfast with left over bread with some veggies and some egg. Yes, that is it. I made this as a healthier option while making french toast for my 6 year old. To my surprise, he liked so much he didn't want any french toast. I was very pleased it worked. So guys, try it and see how your little ones like this masala toast. 

When I shared this picture on facebook page first my dear friend S wanted the recipe so badly. Well, partly beacause of my over enthusiastic descriptions. This recipe is for you dear.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Coconut milk Vegetable Pulao | Pilav / Pulav / Pilaf Rice | Kukskitchen

Coconut milk Vegetable Pulao  | Pilav / Pulav / Pilaf Rice  | Kukskitchen
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My dear friend A from Med School is so much in to cooking these days, i am so proud of her. Here is yet another recipe I dedicate to her and her kid. Vegetable pulao goes well with cauliflower manchurian and spicy chicken curries.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Spiced Tomato Rice | Thakkali sadam | Kukskitchen

Quick and easy rice dishes work well when you are packing lunch for kids. Serve with a protein based curry like chick pea curry and yogurt and the lunch are sorted. Tomato rice can be made in two ways. Rice can be cooked with tomatos and spices or you can make the tomato base and mix in cooked rice.

I present tomato rice on request by dear friend and batch mate A. Hope you like it dear.

My son usually doen't like tomatoes. But tomato rice goes down really well. My secret pleasure is eating tomato rice with potato crisps -  -  -  slurp.

Please do not borrow pictures without my permission. I may not find out but there is someone up there watching, and stealing doesnot go well in his court.


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