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Recipe for mathai's KFC ( that's what he calls them :D)

Chicken wings
Flour (I use chip-shop batter/plain flour/maida)
Bread crumbs


  • Prepare lollipops out of them. There are umpteen number of videos on youtube describing this technique. Follow any one of them. It is quite easy and painless to do. :-)
  • Take three bowls, one each for flour, eggs and bread crumbs
  • Season flour and your prepared lollipops with salt and pepper.
  • Add marinade of your choice to the wings- spicy , non-spicy - anything
  • Be prepared to have your kitchen work top messy, you will know why in a second.
  • Coat your lollipops in egg - flour - egg - bread crumbs in that order.
  • Deep fry your lollipops in sunflower oil at medium heat till the colour in picture
  • Alternatively you can oven bake then grill them at 200 degrees for 20-30 mts until its done. Fried ones taste waaaaaay better than grilled healthy version though.


Sherin Deepu

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  1. Chicken Lollipops looks perfect and crispy.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments swathi. Come again!

  2. yum yummy.Simply superb.
    Thanks for linking..


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