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Kallumekka is a household favourite. It is my hubbie's one of top-liked-foods. The mussels I get in UK donot taste anyway close to the kerala-born ones, but I do try to make them as yummy as possible. Today I intend to give a step-by-step visual guide to preparing them.

Here u go!

How to prepare mussels

I frequently buy frozen mussels as they store better. Again, I don't then have to click open the hard shell.

What u need

Frozen mussels

Hot water from kettle

Kitchen scissors

A bit about its anatomy!

Step 1

Slip ur frozen mussels in to a pot with hot boiled water from a kettle. Leave them for 5-10 minutes.

Step 2

Pick up mussels one by one and start cleaning them.

Step 3

Aim of this step is to remove the byssal threads. On one side of the mussel it opens up like a book. Look there to find a mustache- like part which is its byssal thread. Pull it with medium strength till it comes out.

Step 4

Aim of this step is to remove the intestines. At the joint of the 'book' on one end of the mussel are the intestines. They look a grey-black colour under the thin body of mussel. Use a pair of scissors or if u r brave enough use ur nails to flick it out.

Step 5

Give them a wash and ur mussels are ready to go in the pan.

Watch this space for yummy mussel fry!


Sherin Deepu


  1. never tried this.. useful post..

  2. such a useful post, i've always seen mussel in frozen section and wanted to try it but never cared to find out what to do, seems like you posted this just for me.... now will sure try this

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