Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How I do it: Perfect fluffy rice in microwave at kukskitchen

What is so difficult about cooking rice, one might say!

I have got a fool-proof microwave rice recipe to make the perfect fluffy rice each time.


Rice - 2 cups, I use basmati rice
Tap water - 4 1/4 cups
Oil / Butter / Ghee - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp


Add all the ingredients in a microwavable pot and cook for 15 minutes on full power. Once the 15 minutes is over use a fork to fluff up your rice. 

Best served ASAP.


- Keep checking, to see the water has evaporated, every rice is different, even from the same brand, in a different pack it could be different and some rice might need more water,. So add  2 tbsp at a time if u feel the rice needs water and is turning hard.

- For best results, wash ur rice in running tap water prior to cooking to remove extra starch and soak in tepid water for 30 minutes.

- Flavour up ur rice with anything at all - left over chick pea curry, masala of egg masala, some frozen veg( plus more salt), or anything that u might fancy.

- For best results, cover with a tight lid and stand for a further 5 mts.  Keep lid closed do not stir (as it night break the extra long grain). When you are ready to serve, stir with a very delicate hand.

- If you are using it after it has been cooled down or been in refrigerator, add a sprinkle of water before microwaving again. Alternatively, place a glass of water in the microwave along with your rice for a steamed effect.


  1. i have never dare to cook rice in microwave, this gives me some confidence :) useful post pretty woman

  2. Try it priya and let me know ketto. :-)

  3. Informative post Sherin,thanks for sharing.


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